Auto Enrolment

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The Perfect Storm

Auto Enrolment is a consequence of a number of factors coming together:

Pension reform was the ‘life-boat’ launched in response. Business, and payroll in particular, has been hit by successive staging ‘waves’ since then as the Auto Enrolment storm has broken. Alongside this, the picture has been further complicated by:

So what has this meant for you and your payroll and are you ready for what’s coming next?

In the ‘eye’ of the storm

As payroll and pension reform are joined at the hip this has brought huge challenges:

But it has also brought significant opportunities:

Fit-for-purpose software is no longer an option, its an absolute necessity and since the introduction of AE Payroll Professional has worked with clients to provide comprehensive solutions to manage their AE duties.

See below how Payroll Professional will help you maximise the AE opportunity.

Payroll Professional AE Module

Payroll Professional’s Auto Enrolment module is an integral part of Payroll Professional and allows you to meet AE requirements head-on by automating and simplifying AE processes as part of the payroll cycle. This includes:

Automatic auto-enrolment

Once you have set a staging date and created an eligible pension payroll Payroll Professional will automatically take care of your AE duties. This means you don't need to manually:

Payroll Professional provides a wide choice of Pension scheme provider feeds including:

nest Smart Pension Aviva Legal and General the people's pension Now: Pensions Standard Life

In the driving seat

Payroll Professional's AE dashboard gives you an ‘at a glance’ summary of your payroll’s AE status and guides you logically through the various stages from set-up:

For payroll bureaux, Payroll Professional’s Auto Enrolment module used in combination with our unique Bureau Management System and online ePayslips service can help make Auto Enrolment a strategic opportunity for your business.

"With the introduction of Auto Enrolment Payroll Professional held our hand getting this up and running, relieving great pressure on us. The service we have received from Payroll Professional is five star - and especially with regards to after sales, we always feel the customer comes first.”

Stacey Unsworth, Assistant Payroll Manager, DSG Chartered Accountants

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