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In today's challenging market, spreadsheets and manual checklists do not provide the visibility required to manage deadlines effectively and ensure that your clients' employees get paid on time.

Payroll Professional’s unique Bureau Management Software (BMS) will put you in control providing instant visibility into the status of work, control of deadlines and profitability of each payroll.

Manage your deadlines

Payroll Professional BMS provides you with the ability to create and maintain workflows that reflect the differing requirements of your clients. Any number of workflows can be maintained to reflect processing frequency, size and complexity of each payroll and include:

Payroll Professional BMS automatically identifies start and end dates for each aspect of the payroll and allocates work against the relevant member of your team, not just for the current run but also into the future. Individual employee diaries and bureau-wide views provide visibility of workload and approaching deadlines, putting you fully in control and maximising the productivity and efficiency of your team

Unlock your pot of gold

Payroll Professional BMS provides powerful yet flexible automatic billing, enabling you to allocate price books against each payroll that reflect the level and type of service that you offer each of your clients. At the touch of the button BMS will provide full details of what you could, or should, bill each client, saving you time and more importantly providing full visibility of the profitability of each client. Features include:

With the increasing workload being placed on your payroll team Payroll Professional BMS billing provides you with the ability to unlock your pot of gold and ensure that both existing and new services such as Auto Enrolment are billed with the minimum of effort.

“Payroll Professional’s Bureau Management System module (BMS) is unique in the bureau marketplace. The firm's search for the ideal solution led to Payroll Professional, recognising its capability to provide first-class software incorporating expat payroll, as well as a long-established payroll bureau management system.”

A2+B, Aberdeen

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