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It used to be the case that ensuring employees received a payslip on or before their pay day was the main challenge for payroll. But the ‘new normal’ means this has been significantly complicated in recent years as the traditional world of work has evolved:

Delivering a traditional payslip and pay data in this new reality has seen many companies look for a better way and to reduce the huge effort and costs involved.

We have been at the forefront of cloud-based ePayslip services to tackle the problem and myePayWindow is the ‘must-have’ next generation Payroll collaboration portal.

See how myePayWindow can help you dramatically and sustainably simplify your payroll processing and bring huge benefits to both the payroll team, and to employees alike.

myePayWindow for the payroll team

As a Payroll Professional user in a bureau processing pay for many companies or as an end-user client, myePayWindow is the Payroll collaboration portal that allows you to:

See below what myePayWindow means for employees...

myePayWindow for employees

As an employee myePayWindow offers:

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Safe & sound

Security has been the prime consideration in the design of the myePayWIndow service and as you would expect it incorporates features to ensure compliance with EU-GDPR and those normally associated with on-line banking services:

Weekly PCI accredited vulnerability testing is carried out with annual penetration testing by one of the UK's leading web application testing organisations. Data security is our top priority.

For further details see our myePayWindow & ePayslip's service document.

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“We can do a 'print' run of a hundred payrolls (that's payrolls, not people) in seconds. It is truly amazing.”

Juliet Stewart, Hillier Hopkins

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