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So what’s different?

Schools have clearly defined rules setting out how academic and non-academic staff are to be paid and mostly this is according to nationally defined pay scales. But it’s more complex than this as employees can have multiple contracts of employment for the various roles (jobs) they perform, each with its own rates of standard pay, overtime and pension contribution.

Add to this the need to cope with annual increments and detailed sector reporting requirements and it means that your payroll solution has to be up to the job.

Payroll Professional’s optional Pay Spine module lets you handle this with ease providing:

Go Retro

When it comes to pay spines, pay increases can come in a number of guises:

For teachers, annual increases based on service became appraisal-based in September 2014 but these increases and the annual award are often agreed after the start of the annual pay period; this means that retrospective or back-pay calculations are needed.

Payroll Professional's Pay Spines module has 'retro' covered

School’s Pensions

With schools and academies the local government pension scheme (LGPS) applies to the non-academic staff and for the teachers; its the Teacher’s Pension (TP):

Our Pay Spine pension functionality provides all of the features required, including:

Costing reports

Often the school or academy will need to provide information to their own local authority's finance system. Payroll Professional’s nominal export functionality provides an elegant way to easily create the required data with:

Helping to streamline your processes and saving you significant time and effort.

"It met all of our criteria as far as functional requirements were concerned, including being able to apply ‘pay spines’ – incremental progression of salary within a pay band – as well as dealing with multiple employments.”

Rachel Ellins, Head of HR Administration and Payroll Services, Southwest One

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